Paris, the city of love! <3

Bonjour from the city of love, Paris! This week, I present to you a quick ready reckoner on how you can spend a weekend in Paris. Of course, a weekend is not enough but if you’re on a busy Euro trip or live in Europe and want a weekend getaway, then this one’s for you!

When you think Paris, what do you visualize? For most of you it’s the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Arc Dr Triomphe, right? Damn right! Paris is a city that is steeped in history and has the unique distinction in being a city that is both a bustling metropolis, and a city that makes you feel like you’re going back in history, and all in the centre of the city!

Before we drove to Paris, I had prepared a list of a few must-dos in Paris and my list read as follows:

  1. A hotel room with an Eiffel tower view
  2. The Eiffel tower and getting to the top of it
  3. Louvre
  4. Champs Elysees! (And visit the world’s first ever Sephora store, woot woot!)
  5. Arc De Triomphe

I wanted our weekend to be relaxed yet fun so I did not want to do beyond the must-do things. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Etoile and I highly recommend this hotel because it has the most fabulous rooms of the Eiffel tower.


I mean, just see the above picture. I took it on my iphone 7 camera without a filter and needless to say, I was mind blown!

On day 1, we had an embassy appointment in the morning so we got free by lunch time, post which we walked to the Arc De Triomphe. Another plus point of this hotel is that most of the landmarks are within walking distance and I have always enjoyed exploring cities on foot so I always live at the city centre as more often than not, the landmarks and other ‘must see’ places are near the centre centre.


Us, at the Arc De Triomphe

Post that, we walked to the mighty ‘La Tour Eiffel’ (Yes, it is around 20 minutes from the Arc De Triomphe but you won’t realize it)

I think words cannot do justice to how beautiful the Eiffel tower is. My husband loved it but it was his second visit to Paris and he was not overwhelmed by it (and as excited as I was). Once you’re at the Eiffel tower, I strongly urge you to go to the top of it. There are 4 gates (North, South, East and West) and the lines outside each gate move quickly and before you know it, you have your ticket to the summit.

So the Eiffel tower as you can see is slanted to a particular level and then straight so you take 2 elevators. The first one moves at an angle, and check this video out from the same! It was so much fun.

Once you’ve finished the first elevator ride then you have stunning views of Paris from level 1, however we are not done yet! We spent around 15 minutes there and then took an elevator to the Eiffel summit and OMG! it is the most beautiful view that I have ever seen! In addition to the gorgeous view of Paris, there is champagne created by none of than Celebrity Chef Alain Ducasse served there in the cutest champagne flutes that I have ever seen!

Check us clinking our glasses on the Summit in the below video! 😀


Another gorgeous view of the Eiffel #NoFilter
Post the Eiffel visit, we walked around Champs Elysees with some yummy ‘Glace’ (Ice cream in French) and visited the world’s first ever Sephora store and boy! With its red carpet entry and numerous brands, I was mind blown!


That’s me being super excited outside the Sephora store and seems like the man behind me cannot for the love of God figure out what’s going on. Haha!

And now we come to the gorgeous Louvre. The streets leading to Louvre are beyond stunning and it was again just a 20 minute walk, and what’s interesting about this walk is that the road is filled with several gorgeous boutiques of both big and small designers. For the style and fashion aficionado, it is a dream come true! Also special mention to the gardens outside the Louvre, it makes for such a gorgeous pathway before you see the majestic piece of art, that is the Louvre.

PS: There is an ice cream kiosk, in that garden and they sell the most delicious ice cream ever, so don’t forget to try it. Also Paris is so hot in the summers that I bet most of you anyway will 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So have a stellar weekend guys, do let me know if land up going to Paris and for any travel tips, and tricks you can always reach out to me via my blog or Instagram!

Au revoir and A bientot! xoxo


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