One thing that baffles most people about me is my inability to get jet lagged. Yes, I have flown a variety of routes and numerous times too and a few examples are Mumbai- New York, Seattle- Mumbai, Manchester- Mumbai, Mumbai- Cancun and Seattle- Luxembourg (Which I took day before yesterday) and as you know all of the above flights are 10 hours or longer with the Mumbai-Cancun flight clocking up to almost 30 hours with layovers.

So many flights and not once did you get jet lagged, you ask? I say NO and now I’ll tell you my tricks which can be incredibly helpful for you to be able to start work or start exploring the moment you reach your destination without avoid any jet lag whatsoever!

PS: As I said above, I flew in from Seattle to Frankfurt to Luxembourg just day before yesterday and here I am fresh with no trace of jet lag so you can take my word on these tips πŸ˜‰

  1. Always (as much as possible) pick a flight that lands into the incoming country at night, so that way you are tired when you land and can go to sleep immediately. Once you do that you are adjusted to that country’s time zone (Yup, even if you’re flying first class and have amazing beds at your disposal to sleep, resist the urge and watch a movie or two instead)
  2. Now yes, I know that you can’t always get a flight that lands at night because of numerous reasons so hack number 2 is to adjust your sleep pattern to the incoming country’s sleep pattern the moment you get in to the aircraft. So yes, if you’re flying a Mumbai – Seattle route and your flight takes off at 10 pm (It is 9:30 am in Seattle then so work accordingly), get some apple juice (Again a great alternative to coffee as it keeps you hydrated, yet awake) and stay up for around 12 hours till the time you land. Now I know that it can extremely tough to be up for so long, so what I do is I sleep but I keep an alarm. I sleep for 3-4 hours so that I get my sleep but still need more when I land in Seattle.
  3. Avoid alcohol and coffee on the flight: I say this because alcohol will make you fall asleep (I once was really tempted to get a glass and it made me sleep for 6 hours on a Paris-Mumbai flight) and thus when you land, there are high chances that your sleep schedule goes for a toss. But yes, I know that it can be really tempting to relax and have a glass of wine on the flight so I suggest have the glass of wine at the start of the flight when you’re not too tired because from personal experience the more tired I am, the quicker the wine makes me go to sleep and yes, the more tired I am, the longer the wine makes me sleep.
  4. In case you have no option but to book a flight that lands in the destination country in the morning (See, the staying awake plan works perfectly albeit leaving you a bit tired if you land in the afternoon or evening) then I suggest you sleep really well on the flight, and don’t worry I got tips for that too πŸ˜€
    – Carry an eye patch no matter what. I need it to be pitch dark to sleep, and the eye patch makes it darker so as to make your drift to sleep immediately.
    – Carry a travel pillow so that your neck feels comfortable (Though sometimes when I am sleepy, I can sleep just about anywhere)
    – If your flight involves a layover or 2 (Yes I have done that and it feels like death), and you’re flying coach, make sure you have a lounge membership via Priority pass or Lounge key so that you can rest and spend a few peaceful moments on your layover. Also, a lot of these lounges have sleeping pods and areas so as to make you feel refreshed. (Here’s looking at you Abu Dhabi) So if your flight lands in the morning, then definitely make use of these.
  5. The moment you reach your destination (And if you have landed in the morning or afternoon) head out and get some sunlight (Yes I know that if you have to go in for a meeting you can’t do that, but get some sunshine at every chance you get) because staying indoor worsens jet lag. Sunlight is a powerful stimulant that makes you adjust to the destination’s time zone easily. I did exactly that when I landed in Luxembourg and have adjusted to my 10:30- 7 am sleeping routine from day 2. (The first day I slept at 9 pm and woke up by 7 am).

Keeping up with the spirit of the article, I am sharing some of my favorite airport (and non airport) pictures! πŸ™‚

So write in to me with your favorite travel and beating jet lag tips, and I would love to hear from you! Happy weekend! πŸ™‚ xoxo



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