Hello lovely people,

Let’s have some fun with my ##OOTDFashFriday section this friday. More than my look, I am focusing on my gorgeous smoky eye today created by Nage after an amazing skin prep session by Tatcha!

Typically I go in for a shaded brown or metallic eyeshadow which is perfect for the day, but today I am going in for a night look and hence Nage created a literal ‘smoky’ eye. Haha!

This look can be very tricky for the day and it is a tough look to create because the eyelid is a very small part and the eye shadow should be applied so as to not make your eyes look messy. Nage started prepping my skin with Tatcha post which she applied a very light foundation (The Laura Mercier candle glow foundation which I love!).

The elaborate smoky eye was done before the foundation though, and this is a tip that I recommend to everyone out there. You know why? Because when doing an elaborate look on the eye, very small chunks of eye make up can fall on your cheeks and if your foundation is already done, then it will have to anyway be redone, so it is best to do your foundation at the very end, just before applying your lip color.

Post the smoky eye, Nage gave me a very neutral pink color with a hue of pink with the Huda beauty Venus lip color + some MAC relentlessly red on that (For the pinkish hue) post which I applied some clear gloss from my crystal lipstick.

And ladies and gentlemen, that’s all there is to such a glam look! You can be done in under 30 minutes 😀

So do try out this look and let me know what you think! Till then, happy weekend and much love! xoxo



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2 thoughts on “#OOTDFashFriday

  1. Beautiful OOTD! You have a wonderful writing style. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love. Liked and subscribed.
Check out my blog sometime?
Have a good day!
Mena from noirerewritten 🌷


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