#OOTDFashFriday: Memorial day weekend!

Hi lovelies, This week’s #OOTDFashfriday is a very fun one as I got the chance to play dress up with 2 amazing people in Seattle!

My dress is a suit dress from http://www.asos.com by a lovely brand called ‘YAS’. Do check out their collection for a massive selection in trench, skater, suit dresses or just about any other type of dress!

My lovely make-up is by James at the Downtown Seattle Sephora and he kept my make up dewy and fresh while managing to make it sassy and gorgeous! We retained some of the regular products that I normally use and also changed it up a little by adding a wine lip (Refer: Below pictures). Speaking about wine lip colors, if you’re a fan of a pinkish wine lip, I highly recommend the ‘Bengali’ silky satin lip color by Christian Louboutin. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the color also stays on your lips all day!

Bengali CL
The Bengali silky satin lip color by Christian Louboutin ❤

Now let’s talk about my gorgeous wavy hair in this picture, and the credit to it goes to the lovely Ren at #FlawlessBeautyBars in Westlake Avenue! My go to look is a lot of volume and beachy waves so that’s exactly what Ren gave me and I must say that she has done a fabulous job! So fabulous that it stayed intact for 4 days! 😀




So, with the long weekend coming up, what are all your plans? Do share your ##OOTDs and weekend plans with me via instagram or my blog! Have a lovely one! xoxo


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