Hello lovely people!

It’s time for yet another #OOTDFashFriday and I am using a very interesting product today for my look! I checked out the Clinique Beyond perfecting foundation + concealer from Sephora and I must say that I am blown by the results! (I used the Neutral Shade, FYI)

However, I use foundation very minimally and this was one of those times! I started my #OOTDFashFriday look with just 15 small dots of foundation on my face and blended it with a ‘Siliblender’, then used my usual products to do my eye and lip make-up.

I am wearing a gorgeous pearl chain with an off shoulder black top that I purchased from http://www.asos.com (As usual, haha) and I must tell you that pearls are my new obsession, they go well with most well fitted outfits and give your outfits that sophisticated edge. My earrings are via Amazon Fashion.

Oh, and this time my hair has been done by my amazing husband who challenged me saying that he can do a job as fine as my hairstylist and I think he has done a spendid job! (PS: He has used the Apalus hair straightening brush which we ordered via Amazon. com which I highly recommend)

So try my look and let me know how you guys enjoy it! It’s easy, breezy and really quick! (It took me only 20 minutes to get ready!)

Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


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