Hi lovelies!

I am starting the #OOTDFashFriday on my blog too, just like how I showcase my several #OOTD looks on instagram.

So before I get into the mindset of writing endlessly on he same, let me break this up real quick for you!

Outfit: So this is a real cool T-shirt dress from Zara that says, ‘Look me into the eyeliner and say that!’

Make-Up: By myself 😉 (I’ve followed my usual routine for this one as given below)

BB cream and MAC NC 42, Stila eyeliner, Kohl by Nars, Highlighter by Bobbi Brown (Also used some as eyeshadow) and Relentlessly Red and Mocha on the lips by MAC.

Jewellery by @Asos

Also I tried wearing hoop earrings after really long and realized that they make for a very fun and preppy look with a choker 🙂

I’d love to know what you guys are doing for your #OOTDFashFridays too so write in to me or let me know via my instagram on #FiftyShadesOfSin

Till then, have a fabulous weekend! Much love xoxo


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