Happy Vishu to you all!

Vishu, which is the traditional new year for all Tamilians and Malayalees around the world is celebrated on 14th April and it signifies the start of the new year with love, luck and prosperity for everyone that celebrates!

There is something called the ‘Vishu Kani’ that is prepared by people (Like the picture below) where you keep a mirror in the forefront surrounded by idols of Gods, jewellery, money, fruits and flowers (Feel free to add to my list) signifying the doubling of all these items (via the mirror) denoting prosperity for one and all.

Ady and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous (albeit belated) Vishu, and do check out our celebrations for the day below! ❤ xoxo

Also, for those who are interested, given below is a break up of my look 🙂 (PS: My look aka the pictures in the red outfit at the bottom of this article)

On the face: L’Oreal BB cream and MAC NC 42 compact (Only)

On the lips: Givenchy’s Le Rouge and MAC’s Mocha

On the eyes: Nars’ kohl liner, Dior’s Mascara, Bobbi Brown’s highlighter as an eye shadow and lashes by Ardell.

More details on my instagram @fiftyshadesofsin xoxo



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