Snapshots of my main wedding + look details

As you guys know, a big fat Indian wedding can stretch for as long as a week, sometimes even two and no prizes for guessing, my wedding lasted an entire week! Some of you (via my instagram) have been enquiring about my jewellery and outfits for the wedding so I thought I’ll do the same, look by look, starting with an extremely interesting and elaborate look, aka, the main wedding look.

Since I am South Indian (specifically my roots trace to the Tamil Nadu/ Kerala part of India), my look was heavily influenced by the temple jewellery look that the Tamilian brides go for. However, as gorgeous as temple jewellery is, I am a fan of heavy polki jewellery. And for those of you who need a quick lowdown on what polki is, here goes: ‘Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth in a natural way without any enhancement or lab creation’.

I thought it would be a great idea to match my gorgeous kanjeevaram sarees with some glitzy yet elegant Polki jewellery and voila! These pictures captured by #CandidWeddingStories do full justice to my look 🙂

I sourced my jewellery from a variety of places in Mumbai including Amrapali, Minerali , Magic Mirror and Aquamarine.

As for my make-up, I told my make up artist, to keep the make-up very light and very similar (But good enough to be photographer by an SLR) to my day to day look and for all those who don’t know, my day to day make up consists of a light base (BB cream and MAC NC 42), winged eyeliner, kohl and a hot pink/ red lip. However, since I am the bride, there were a few additions that were made, that included giving my face a slight glow via highlighter, a dull gold eyes shadow, light coral blush on and Huda beauty’s ‘Samantha’ lashes. Yes, that’s all there was to my bridal look as I like looking natural and similar to how I look on a day to day basis.

As you all know, the application of Mehendi/ Henna, is an integral part of an Indian wedding and in most cases, there is an entire function dedicated to it and mine was no different and before we start to describe my design, let me tell you how long I had to sit in one place (Yes, not a single break as I was sitting there in an 8 kg lehenga, haha). Any guesses? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was a good 5.5 hours, no exaggeration! And boy! The design did full justice to that! I wanted a portrait of the Indian god, Krishna and his consort, Radha and a portrait of a man applying vermilion on a woman’s forehead (If you look closely at my Mehendi, you’ll know what I mean).

Oh! And additionally, in a Tamil style wedding, you typically change your saree thrice during the ceremony. You start off with a kanjeevaram draped in 6 yard style then go on to another kanjeevaram 6 yard drape for the swing ceremony (Fun fact: In this ceremony you’re fed banana slices with milk followed by married women in the family throwing rice balls around and tradition has it that whoever the rice ball hits will be the next person to get married) which is popularly called the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony (Which means swing in Tamil) followed by the grand finale, where you wear the madisar saree, which is a traditional 9 yard drape. Let me tell you, this saree is not an easy saree. So much so that we had to get a 9 yard saree specialist to drape my saree for me. This is the saree in which you take your ‘Saat pheras’, and have your husband tie the ‘Mangalsutra’ (Necklace worn by married women, just like wedding rings) to you.

First mosaic of pictures: I am in a tomato red kanjeevaram (From Nallis) draped in 6 yard style for the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony

Second mosaic of pictures: I am in the 9 yard saree (Typically draped on your right side)

Third mosaic of pictures: I kickstarted the ceremonies with this bottle green kanjeevaram saree draped in 6 yard style.

Oh, and special props to Nallis for all the stunning kanjeevarams! If you’re in Bombay, then head to their store in Breach Candy, NOW!


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2 thoughts on “Snapshots of my main wedding + look details

  1. You make such a beautiful bride. You look so happy in the pictures *touchwood*. That saree colors I absolutely love. If you happen to be in Chennai you should try this store called Aavarnaa 🙂 You’ll love their collection as well if you enjoy Kanjeevaram sarees. 😀



    1. Hi Aditi!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! That’s so sweet of you 🙂
      Next time I’m in India, I’ll definitely check the store out! Hopefully by then, I would have learned to drape a saree by myself, haha. Have a great day!
      Lots of love,
      Sin ❤️❤️


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