Hello lovely people!

It’s time for yet another #OOTDFashFriday and I am using a very interesting product today for my look! I checked out the Clinique Beyond perfecting foundation + concealer from Sephora and I must say that I am blown by the results! (I used the Neutral Shade, FYI)

However, I use foundation very minimally and this was one of those times! I started my #OOTDFashFriday look with just 15 small dots of foundation on my face and blended it with a ‘Siliblender’, then used my usual products to do my eye and lip make-up.

I am wearing a gorgeous pearl chain with an off shoulder black top that I purchased from http://www.asos.com (As usual, haha) and I must tell you that pearls are my new obsession, they go well with most well fitted outfits and give your outfits that sophisticated edge. My earrings are via Amazon Fashion.

Oh, and this time my hair has been done by my amazing husband who challenged me saying that he can do a job as fine as my hairstylist and I think he has done a spendid job! (PS: He has used the Apalus hair straightening brush which we ordered via Amazon. com which I highly recommend)

So try my look and let me know how you guys enjoy it! It’s easy, breezy and really quick! (It took me only 20 minutes to get ready!)

Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Close your eyes and imagine this! Tulips spanning across never ending fields in every color of the spectrum that you can think of with the Cascade mountain range creating a picturesque backdrop to the same! Well, you’d want to be transported to that scene immediately, wouldn’t you?

Well, you can! (Though it is only open till 30th April, hence my apologies on the late review) The Skagit Valley Tulip festival held at Mount Vernon in Washington runs every year from April 1st to 30th and the experience is unparalleled.

After hearing a ton about the same, we decided to head out to check this gorgeous festival and boy! we had a whale of a time soaking in these gorgeous sights! The good news is that you can reach this festival in an hour and a half from Downtown Seattle. The not so good news, is that it is mostly rainy and windy, but hey! This is Washington that we are talking about! 😉

The festival is extremely well organized with an extremely big parking area next to the fields from where the festival is only a 2 minute walk. The lines are organized and it will not take you more than 5 minutes to get into the fields (Tip: Carry cash to enter as the cash line is way quicker than the card/ other modes of payment line)

Once you’re in, the world is your oyster! You can either walk the entire length and breadth of the fields admiring the beautiful tulips, clicking photographs, enjoying some hot espresso, buying tulip bulbs and having the most amazing weekend!

Given below are some do’s and don’ts as you plan a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip festival:

  • Carry a camera (An iphone 7 does a great job too FYI)
  • Wear waterproof footwear
  • Carry an umbrella/ raincoat
  • Wear clothing that protects you from the cold, yet is good at soaking in water
  • Wear waterproof make-up


Hi lovelies!

I am starting the #OOTDFashFriday on my blog too, just like how I showcase my several #OOTD looks on instagram.

So before I get into the mindset of writing endlessly on he same, let me break this up real quick for you!

Outfit: So this is a real cool T-shirt dress from Zara that says, ‘Look me into the eyeliner and say that!’

Make-Up: By myself 😉 (I’ve followed my usual routine for this one as given below)

BB cream and MAC NC 42, Stila eyeliner, Kohl by Nars, Highlighter by Bobbi Brown (Also used some as eyeshadow) and Relentlessly Red and Mocha on the lips by MAC.

Jewellery by @Asos

Also I tried wearing hoop earrings after really long and realized that they make for a very fun and preppy look with a choker 🙂

I’d love to know what you guys are doing for your #OOTDFashFridays too so write in to me or let me know via my instagram on #FiftyShadesOfSin

Till then, have a fabulous weekend! Much love xoxo

Unraveling snapshots from #AdyctedToSin

Hi you lovely people!

The wedding pictures have reached me and needless to say, I am beyond excited! Of course, I am not going to bore you with endless scrolling of the same, but instead I made a fun little video putting together some of my favorite pictures (Of course, there are more to come!)

PS: I added some amazing A.R Rahman music in the background, so I can tell you’re going to love this!

For more information, check out my instagram @fiftyshadesofsin xoxo

Happy Vishu to you all!

Vishu, which is the traditional new year for all Tamilians and Malayalees around the world is celebrated on 14th April and it signifies the start of the new year with love, luck and prosperity for everyone that celebrates!

There is something called the ‘Vishu Kani’ that is prepared by people (Like the picture below) where you keep a mirror in the forefront surrounded by idols of Gods, jewellery, money, fruits and flowers (Feel free to add to my list) signifying the doubling of all these items (via the mirror) denoting prosperity for one and all.

Ady and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous (albeit belated) Vishu, and do check out our celebrations for the day below! ❤ xoxo

Also, for those who are interested, given below is a break up of my look 🙂 (PS: My look aka the pictures in the red outfit at the bottom of this article)

On the face: L’Oreal BB cream and MAC NC 42 compact (Only)

On the lips: Givenchy’s Le Rouge and MAC’s Mocha

On the eyes: Nars’ kohl liner, Dior’s Mascara, Bobbi Brown’s highlighter as an eye shadow and lashes by Ardell.

More details on my instagram @fiftyshadesofsin xoxo


Snapshots of my main wedding + look details

As you guys know, a big fat Indian wedding can stretch for as long as a week, sometimes even two and no prizes for guessing, my wedding lasted an entire week! Some of you (via my instagram) have been enquiring about my jewellery and outfits for the wedding so I thought I’ll do the same, look by look, starting with an extremely interesting and elaborate look, aka, the main wedding look.

Since I am South Indian (specifically my roots trace to the Tamil Nadu/ Kerala part of India), my look was heavily influenced by the temple jewellery look that the Tamilian brides go for. However, as gorgeous as temple jewellery is, I am a fan of heavy polki jewellery. And for those of you who need a quick lowdown on what polki is, here goes: ‘Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth in a natural way without any enhancement or lab creation’.

I thought it would be a great idea to match my gorgeous kanjeevaram sarees with some glitzy yet elegant Polki jewellery and voila! These pictures captured by #CandidWeddingStories do full justice to my look 🙂

I sourced my jewellery from a variety of places in Mumbai including Amrapali, Minerali , Magic Mirror and Aquamarine.

As for my make-up, I told my make up artist, to keep the make-up very light and very similar (But good enough to be photographer by an SLR) to my day to day look and for all those who don’t know, my day to day make up consists of a light base (BB cream and MAC NC 42), winged eyeliner, kohl and a hot pink/ red lip. However, since I am the bride, there were a few additions that were made, that included giving my face a slight glow via highlighter, a dull gold eyes shadow, light coral blush on and Huda beauty’s ‘Samantha’ lashes. Yes, that’s all there was to my bridal look as I like looking natural and similar to how I look on a day to day basis.

As you all know, the application of Mehendi/ Henna, is an integral part of an Indian wedding and in most cases, there is an entire function dedicated to it and mine was no different and before we start to describe my design, let me tell you how long I had to sit in one place (Yes, not a single break as I was sitting there in an 8 kg lehenga, haha). Any guesses? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was a good 5.5 hours, no exaggeration! And boy! The design did full justice to that! I wanted a portrait of the Indian god, Krishna and his consort, Radha and a portrait of a man applying vermilion on a woman’s forehead (If you look closely at my Mehendi, you’ll know what I mean).

Oh! And additionally, in a Tamil style wedding, you typically change your saree thrice during the ceremony. You start off with a kanjeevaram draped in 6 yard style then go on to another kanjeevaram 6 yard drape for the swing ceremony (Fun fact: In this ceremony you’re fed banana slices with milk followed by married women in the family throwing rice balls around and tradition has it that whoever the rice ball hits will be the next person to get married) which is popularly called the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony (Which means swing in Tamil) followed by the grand finale, where you wear the madisar saree, which is a traditional 9 yard drape. Let me tell you, this saree is not an easy saree. So much so that we had to get a 9 yard saree specialist to drape my saree for me. This is the saree in which you take your ‘Saat pheras’, and have your husband tie the ‘Mangalsutra’ (Necklace worn by married women, just like wedding rings) to you.

First mosaic of pictures: I am in a tomato red kanjeevaram (From Nallis) draped in 6 yard style for the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony

Second mosaic of pictures: I am in the 9 yard saree (Typically draped on your right side)

Third mosaic of pictures: I kickstarted the ceremonies with this bottle green kanjeevaram saree draped in 6 yard style.

Oh, and special props to Nallis for all the stunning kanjeevarams! If you’re in Bombay, then head to their store in Breach Candy, NOW!

Welcome to Bainbridge island!

Snapchatting my way to Bainbridge island 🙂
That’s Ady posing with our coconut ice cream at MORA iced creamery which is rated as one of the best iced creameries in the USA. 


Us, posing against the entry to this cute little island 🙂


The ferry to the Bainbridge island from downtown Seattle is one of the craziest ferries that I have ever seen. It accommodates a 100 odd cars everyday, and also consists of everything from a restaurant to a dog walk area inside 🙂
MORA iced creamery is one of the big attractions of this little island. This creamery has been rated as the 2nd best in the US and boasts of some lip smacking flavors like raspberry cheesecake, coconut, chocolate chips and many more embedded either on sugar cones or hot and delicious waffles. A must do!

This is a video of the ferry entering the mainland of Bainbridge island! Watch it to know more 🙂