She’s just not that into you


At the risk of being branded a “Dating Expert” (Not that I really mind that tag ;), I have been encountering some rather interesting situations in the “D-Game” (Dating game, for the uninitiated) and dealing with them like a PRO! (Yes, at least that’s what I think and maybe the tag just re-inforces it 😉

But on a serious note, I would be lying if I single handedly took the credit to be encountering “such interesting” situations, because honestly speaking, some very near and dear ones have been encountering some fabulously enchanting and some downright hilarious situations lately.

And my lovelies, after reading the several, “He’s just not into you” and “Guys don’t speak in code” articles, I am presenting to you my version of “Girl talk, Decoded” (And some additional tips which you may consider free advice 😛

And yes, I must mention that the inspiration behind the same is some of my dear guy friends asking me to come up with a list of tips for them to ace the “D-Game”

Happy “Decoding” 😉

  1. “I really think we should be friends and get to know each other”

What she means: I like spending time with you but I am not attracted to you. However I am a nice person and will not say it in your face that “We can’t date so please let me be!”

What she could mean too: I really like you and I fear losing you so in order to avoid the heartburn, can we just spend more time and let it organically evolve into whatever is best? (I know. Awwww)

  1. When she does not call you first:

What she means: I am dying to hear your voice but I don’t want to come across as clingy, so please call me soon!

What you should do: Call her 😉

  1. “I am really busy. I’ll chat later”

What she means: I am really busy but more than that, I don’t wish to speak with you. Please keep yourself with something else.

What you should do: Give her some space. (Well, a lot of it and wait for her to text you)

  1. “Do you really want to go to XYZ place for dinner?”

What she means: I would not want to go to this place and ideally you should not force me into going there so please change the damn plan! 😛

What you should do: Change the plan 😛

  1. “Are you seeing someone? What are you looking at getting into, at the moment?”

What she means:  “I think I like you and I want to make sure you are single. So if you like me too, ask me out maybe?”

What she could mean too: “I am running out of topics to talk about but still want to talk to you so I am trying to get to know you better”

  1. “BRB”

What she means:  I want to politely end this conversation though what’s on my mind is “Just leave me alone, please!” (And in the odd case that she is really busy, she will actually Be “right back”)

  1. “We need to talk”

What she means: Shit has the hit the fan and You my boy have pissed me off like no other! So be ready to face the music!

  1. When you ask her, “Why are you getting so emotional? Why are you overreacting? Why so touchy?”

What she means to say: “Dude I am on my effin’ period.  So just let me be and put up with my BS!” (And trust me gentlemen, it’s nothing but that)

  1. “I think we are going really fast. Can we slow down things a bit please?”

What she means: I like you, it’s great hanging with you but then there are some other really nice men who are wooing me as well. I don’t want to sound like a B**** but then I want to play the field before I give anyone commitment so can you please hang in there while I figure my sh** out?

  1. “I love spending time with you. You make me smile at all times. I feel sort of complete when I have you around”

What she means: I want to drop the “L” (I LOVE YOU) bomb but I am scared to! So will you please take the first step and say it and spare me the horror? Please! Pretty please?

And before you go “Awww” on the last one, I will sign off 😉



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