How to get one of my favorite looks :)


This has been one of my favorite Indian looks and this is a small step by step guide to achieve that look:

On the face:

  • Apply some BB cream followed by the MAC Studio Fix (I use the NC 42)
  • Use the MAC liquid eyeliner and kohl pencil
  • Add some mascara (I have used the Benefit They’re real mascara)
  • Use the clinique chubby stick as a lip primer (I use the heftiest hibiscus) followed by the ‘Relentlessly Red’ lipcolor by MAC
  • Add some blush on (I have used the Nars orgasm)

Jewelery and outfit:

  • I put on a readymade blouse with a chiffon saree in pink
  • Henna courtesy ‘My Glamm’
  • My earrings are from ‘Jhumka’ (They have branches across Mumbai)
  • My necklace is  a heirloom piece
  • My clip on ‘Nath’ (nosering) is from a local jewellery store in Mumbai (You’ll get them in most small stores in Maharashtra as it is a traditional Maharashtrian nosering)
  • My snake shaped bracelet and pearl encrusted ring are from one of the pop up stores at the ‘Central Embassy’ mall in Bangkok

For any more tips, DM me on instagram @fiftyshadesofsin 🙂




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